Rose Madison Offers Homemade Sweets With Top Quality Ingredients

Blueberry Pie

Homemade With Fresh Ingredients

All of the desserts from Rose Madison Homemade Sweets are made to order and baked with fresh ingredients. Here at Rose Madison, I have a vast selection of desserts, from party trays such as my Cupcakes and Oreo Cake Pops to pies like my popular Pecan and Blueberry Pies.

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“Melody made a great cake for my wife! She loved the fresh strawberries that included in the cake. This is something you can’t find in a regular bakery.”
-Michael Bartlett

“I absolutely loved Melody’s cookie pies! I never heard about them until my coworker mentioned that she baked them. I will definitely be buying these on a regular basis.”
-Jonathan McHugh

“I love the red velvet cake and her four hundred dollar cookies! They were nice and soft and delicious. Her prices are very reasonable for made from scratch cookies!”
-Bret Wojcik